Friday December 10, 2010, Whistler BC

The list of accepted papers can be found here.

7:30am-10:30am Morning Session

7.30 Tutorial on deep learning and unsupervised feature learning:
          Part I: Unsupervised Learning, Marc’Aurelio Ranzato
          Part II: Deep Learning, Honglak Lee

8.30 Large-scale image recognition via unsupervised feature learning
          Kai Yu (invited speaker)

9.00 Break

9.20 Spotlights of Poster Presentations

9.50 Poster Session 1 and Group Discussion

3.30pm-6.30pm Afternoon Session:

3.30 Rich representations for learning visual recognition
        Jitendra Malik (invited speaker)

4.00 Panel Disussion
        Panelists: Drew Bagnell, Jitendra Malik, Tomaso Poggio, Kai Yu, Yoshua Bengio,
        Yann LeCun, Andrew Ng

5.00 Break

5.20 Learning Continuous Phrase Representations and Syntactic Parsing with
          Recursive Neural Networks

          Richard Socher,Andrew Ng,Christopher Manning

5.40 Deep Learning of Invariant Spatio-Temporal Features from Video
          Bo Chen,Jo-Anne Ting, Benjamin Marlin,Nando de Freitas

6.00 Poster Session 2 and Group Discussion


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